Monday, November 30, 2015

Avoid Making a Bad Choice When Installing a Compressor

Making choices about where and how to install your new compressor or how to re-install an existing unit as part of an expansion or relocation will have impact many months and years after the initial installation. Knowing what to do, and perhaps more importantly what not to do, can make all the difference. 

Some key points on what to do include leaving enough space around the equipment, keeping it close to an exterior wall, installation of cooling fans, and keeping it away from people bothered by noise. 

Things to be sure not to do include placing it near loading docks, remote areas, unheated areas or near the manager’s office. When you give these considerations some thought they make sense, but unless you plan properly you may inadvertently make choices that you will regret later. 

My Compressor Room planning article addresses what to do and what not to do when installing a compressed air system. Following the guidelines spelled out in the article will go a long way toward making the installation or relocation of a compressed air system less painful.