Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Air Compressor

By Peter Rhoten

Over the 35 plus years in the business I’ve seen a number of bizarre things that are done to a compressor and the components in the system. People often wonder why their system does not run well, they have high power costs, or have numerous OSHA issues. I've previously shared this list awhile back in my eNewsletter and received a lot of feedback, so, I decided to post it again via blog.

Here is my "Worst Things You Can Do To Your Air Compressor" Top Ten
Worst Offenders List:

#10 - Duct tape should not really be used to repair leaking air tank

#9 - Shipping pallets are not really meant to be the permanent base for your new compressor

#8 - Oil changes are not an every 5-year event

#7 - PVC schedule 40/80 piping should really not be used for compressed air - stand back here it comes

#6 - Just because the air filter is dirty you really should not leave it off

#5 - Using an old baseboard radiator for aftercooler is not a great idea

#4 - If your air tank still has rivets holding it together it's probably a good idea not to use it anymore

#3 - It's not really okay to wire the safety valve together because it is noisy and annoying

#2 - No problem just piping all the oily water down the outside of the building - nobody will notice just because it's near the entrance

#1 - You really shouldn't let employees sleep inside the 400 HP compressor cabinet just because it's warm - really happened

So that's my short recap of things that I saw that I didn't believe. Many of them are still occurring, not as much in the US, but in other parts of the world.

I would love to hear about any unusual air system observations that you may. Of course, all information will remain anonymous.

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