Monday, June 19, 2017

Is Your Compressor Ready for the Summer?

Summer is a just around the corner and for those who work in a compressor room, they understand that high temperatures can affect the performance of the equipment. 

Most compressor manufacturers rate their equipment at 60° inlet and ambient room conditions. If you have 95° F ambient in the room, the compressor should run okay if properly ventilated, but will lose approximately 8% of its capacity. As the temperature increases beyond 95° F, you lose even more capacity and could start damaging the compressor.

If the coolers are not cleaned, the inlet filter has not been changed, and/or the condensers on the refrigerated air dryers are dirty, you may have operational problems and possible shutdown when the outside thermometer reaches 85° F.

Here is some advice on what you can do:

  • Prepare your compressor for the summer by reading the operator’s manual and perform the indicated service needed for high temperatures.
  • Put a thermometer in your compressor room to monitor the room temperatures. (Anything above 100° F could be damaging for your equipment).
  • Take a look at current room temperatures and compare it to the operating temperatures of the compressor and the refrigerated air dryer. (If there is more than a 15° F difference from the room temperature on the air dryer inlet air you have a problem with the coolers).
  • Increase the room ventilation to make sure that you can match outside air temperatures even in the hottest weather. You should move air through the room at least one time every 2 minutes. 

Key Temperatures to Watch: 
  • The room temperature should be no greater than 10° F more than the outdoor temperature.
  • Rotary screw compressors should not operate above 210° F
    (Most shutdown at 215/220° F. Normal operating temp in a 70° F room is 190° F).
  • The dryer inlet should be no more than 15° above room temperature.
    (95° F room = 110° dryer inlet air). 

If you operate your compressor and dryer over the design temperature you will shorten the life substantially and create wet /oily air. If you have current issues with your compressor, it would be wise to have it serviced now because it will only get worse in the hot weather. If you need assistance please contact Frank Lederer at 508-351-1817 or by email. (

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